A Horrifying Animation of a Racist Preacher’s Descent Into Madness

Editor’s note: This video contains images that may be disturbing or distressing to some viewers.

Einar Baldvin’s disorienting film, The Pride of Strathmoor, is an artful and complex animated short that crawls into your mind and refuses to leave. Set in Strathmoor, Georgia, the film brings to life the ramblings and mounting mania of Baldvin’s character, Pastor John Deitman. It is a visceral depiction, and Baldvin’s art magnifies the violence of the pastor’s racial obsession. For a detailed look at how Baldvin so accurately and creepily depicted Deitman’s madness, read his in-depth interview at Short of the Week.

Baldvin’s newest film is an adaptation of H.P Lovecraft’s 1920s short story Facts Concerning The Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family, and the work in progress can be found here. For more of Baldvin’s work, you can visit his website, Tumblr, and Twitter.