After a Confrontation Goes Viral, a Baltimore Activist Is Born

Baltimore resident Kwame Rose’s confrontation of Fox News’s Giraldo Rivera went viral earlier this year. Protests of the April death of Freddie Gray were happening in the city streets, and Rose accused Rivera of only caring about the story when he could report negatively about black lives. Rose says the incident changed his life: “In a sense, I’ve become one of those people who I never thought I’d become,” he says in this short film. “I never intended to become known as the guy that spoke out against the media’s reporting of black communities.” This is the second episode in the series Red, White & Baltimore, which explores issues of race, class, and justice in America through the narratives of individual Baltimoreans. The series was created by the filmmaker Kobie Brown, an award-winning music producer and the directer of the documentary film From Fatherless to Fatherhood. You can watch the first episode here.