‘I Lost My Dream’: One Young Man’s Failed Journey to America

I Lost My Dream is an uplifting short film chronicling the life and journey of Moacir Zeledon, a young man who wanted nothing more than to escape his life of poverty in Nicaragua and head to the United States. However, his dream was cut short when inflexible immigration laws forced Zeledon’s mother to leave him behind at the children’s refuge Misión México while she proceeded across the border.

Scared and alone in a foreign country, Zeledon began to shut himself off from the world around him. It was then that he met Pam and Alan Skuse at the children’s refuge in Mexico. Their words of encouragement along with his introduction to the sport of surfing allowed his healing to begin. “Somewhere on the journey I lost my dream and found myself a better one,” he says.

You can learn more about the children’s refuge Misión México by visiting their website or Facebook page.
Via Daniel Lombroso