‘It Was a Strange Scene, Brides in Police Cars’

Kinda Zaour remembers the anticipation she felt at the start of the Arab Spring waiting for the waves of rebellion to arrive in Syria. “We knew that the wheel would turn and the revolution would reach us,” she says in this documentary. As peaceful protests began in Damascus, Kinda and her sister, Lubna, wanted to make a statement: They dressed in wedding gowns, to symbolize love and peace, and marched through the main market holding anti-regime signs. “I felt as if we were flying,” Kinda recalls. “We were standing there, filled with joy, eager to convey our message.” Police quickly arrested them, and an interrogation turned into two months in detention. By the time the sisters were released, the situation had devolved from peaceful protests to armed conflict. The Zaour family, fearing for their lives in their pro-regime Druze community, eventually fled Syria to settle in Turkey.

This is the fourth video in The Trials of Spring, a six-part series about women who were in the front lines of the revolutions of the Arab Spring.